Sonic strategy for brands in the AI era

Watch this practical guide for brands and agencies navigating music AI. You’ll gain insights from leaders in music, tech and marketing, to learn about: the rise of AI in music; how AI is transforming music categorisation and search; and the implications for brands.

The speakers are:

David Courtier-Dutton, CEO, SoundOut
Markus Schwarzer, CEO, Cyanite
Cliff Fluet, Partner, Lewis Silkin
Erin McCullough, Senior Brand Music Consultant, DLMDD

About Music Technology UK

Music Technology UK’s mission is to drive recognition of the UK as a global leader in music tech innovation. It stands side by side with the UK’s world-leading music industry to maximise opportunities for investment and growth. By building innovative and productive partnerships with music industry stakeholders and supporting new and existing initiatives, Music Technology UK aims to create greater value for all.


Matt Cartmell –

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