In a world first, two innovative UK startups join forces at SXSW to capture and share immersive 3D interviews with just a single device

Volvid and Velox will be shooting live 3D content at UK House and British Music Embassy throughout SXSW

Volvid, a member of MTUK, and Velox, two innovative UK startups, are uniting at SXSW 2024 to demonstrate the most accessible 3D immersive content capture and sharing to date; creating video-realistic digital rendering of interviewees with just a single point of capture, and in minutes instead of days.

The team presents a future where immersive 3D capture will be democratised. Using a single iPad, they will capture 3D interview footage with thought leaders and musicians, combining their expertise in capture, processing, production and storytelling.

The recordings will feature photo-realistic 3D versions of interviewees, rendered at record speeds inside a show-stopping branded 3D environment. The demonstrations will showcase the opportunities for audiences to enjoy this UGC as a gaming, VR, AR or spatial experience across smartphone, browser or XR wearable platforms.

Volvid and Velox will be set up at the popular UK House pavilion on Saturday 9th March and Tuesday 12th March, then backstage at the British Music Embassy throughout the week interviewing an array of music artists.

This collaboration will provide a rich seam of unique 3D content to be distributed on social media from SXSW, itself the global intersection of media, culture and tech.

Volvid is fronted by Ed Jenkins, a music industry stalwart who has managed some of the world’s biggest electronic music acts, which led him to co-programming the ‘VR Glastonbury Festival’ in 2020 and producing the world’s first live music stream in volumetric video during the Global VR/AR Conference in 2021. Volvid attends SXSW with the Innovate UK GBIP trade mission. One of few startups to win two highly competitive IUK grant awards in 2023, Volvid has developed the world’s first social app ‘Rivar’ that allows fans to ‘get closer to the artist’ by sharing live entertainment experiences in AR on their smartphones. Rivar is in beta and launches publicly in Q2 2024.

Velox was founded by Alex Grona in 2019, a technical specialist at many leading major gaming studios such as EA Games and Sony, where he worked on the FIFA franchise. Velox plugin enables developers and content creators to effortlessly capture real-life events and create accurate digital representations of real-world locations, a crucial component in realising the full potential of spatial computing. Since being made available in Q4 2023, the Velox plugin has been downloaded over 50,000 times. Velox’s USP is the ability to capture and create 3D content in volumetric video using only one or a small number of mobile devices such as iPads or iPhones.

Ed Jenkins, Founder, Volvid, said:
We’re demonstrating a vision for new frontiers of accessibility to enable the capture and creation of immersive 3D experiences at scale. Integrating Velox capture into Volvid’s Rivar social mobile app will allow all creators to have the tools to capture video-realistic 3D versions of themselves with a real sense of presence that is a step change from traditional 2D media streaming.

Alex Grona, Founder, Velox, said:
By this partnership at SXSW, we want to reimagine the concept of immersive 3D experiences. This unique integration with Rivar is our first step to provide a user generated content tool to our clients. By showcasing our common solution at SXSW, we want to prove that now anyone with a single camera is capable of capturing real time events.

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