Music Technology UK launches five workstreams to drive industry value through 2024

Music Technology UK (MTUK) is launching five workstreams to drive core objectives focused on tangible value through 2024 – and is inviting music and tech communities to get involved.

MTUK is launching workstreams focused on: Member Success; the Music Tech Ecosystem; Partnerships; Talent; and Investment.

The establishment of the workstreams and their objectives follows a consultation process that aligned MTUK’s goals with the aspirations and needs of its community. MTUK has built its Founding Membership to over 50 music tech startups and scaleups since its launch in November 2023.

The five workstreams are driving the following objectives:

  1. Ensure member success

MTUK is preparing for the long term success of members, so the coming year will see it building a foundation for longevity. To achieve this, the organisation will work to increase the breadth of its membership across music tech’s various categories, from startups to scaleups to industry leaders.

  1. Maximise ecosystem opportunities

Leveraging MTUK’s place in the music tech ecosystem will form an important part of its success. In its consultation, MTUK members voted for opportunities to build innovative new models of engagement with labels, DSPs and artists in a poll of approaches to help members to grow and succeed. MTUK will begin this process by mapping the ecosystem, expanding regional collaboration across the UK and abroad, and advocating the sector’s economic contributions.

  1. Add value through partnerships

MTUK’s members pointed to investors, funding organisations, incubators and accelerators as the key sectors where they would like to see the association forge partnerships – and to that end MTUK has welcomed Innovate UK, Digital Catapult, and London and Partners, plus investors Cocoa Ventures and Supernode Global as Associate Members. MTUK will continue to onboard more music and tech stakeholders as Associate Members and will accelerate member engagement with them. It will empower members to maximise growth through strategic partnerships, and drive media convergence opportunities for members.

  1. Create new pathways for tech talent

Internships for talented students within member companies ranked as the leading activity that members wished to see MTUK launch to enable more diverse talent to enter the industry. MTUK has already launched an Academic Membership programme, and welcomed BIMM, Queen Mary University of London, University of Salford, University of the Arts London, and more. MTUK will continue to facilitate music tech career pathways for young people, establish a defined stance on diversity and inclusion, and boost academic membership, engagement and opportunities.

  1. Prepare startups and scaleups for investment

Pitch panels and other events that bring together members and investors ranked highest as a means to ensure better, more rewarding engagement for the music tech sector with the investment community. In 2024, MTUK will enhance member preparedness for investor engagement, fostering sector investment through support, resources and events including pitch panels. It will also promote the value of the UK music tech market as an opportunity for investment.

The execution of these objectives is entrusted to the MTUK Advisory Board. MTUK’s journey forward is not just about setting goals, but actively engaging its diverse membership base, including Members, Associate Members, and Academic Members, in realising these objectives by joining the workstreams. To find out more about joining MTUK’s membership and engaging with its workstreams, contact Existing members wanting to participate in workstreams can do the same.

Matt Cartmell, Chief Executive, Music Technology UK, said:

“Driven by MTUK’s Advisory Board, these five workstreams are aimed at delivering tangible value to our members and the broader music technology ecosystem, while building a robust foundation for MTUK’s enduring success. If you are inspired and would like to contribute to achieving our objectives, we welcome your involvement. By joining forces with us, you’ll contribute to our collective success and stand to gain from the opportunities that lie ahead.”

About Music Technology UK

Music Technology UK’s mission is to drive recognition of the UK as a global leader in music tech innovation. It stands side by side with the UK’s world-leading music industry to maximise opportunities for investment and growth. By building innovative and productive partnerships with music industry stakeholders and supporting new and existing initiatives, Music Technology UK aims to create greater value for all.


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